The End of GamerGate: What They SHOULD Have Done

The GamerGate movement drew its last breath this morning (10/17/2014) as the progressive feminists got their message out to the mainstream liberal media, including the Washington Post, the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, CBS News, the Huffington Post, and Entertainment Weekly.

The crusade against faux journalism in the gaming community has suffered a devastating blow today, and the fems fought back the only way they know how – with faux journalism and the mainstream liberal media.

Why did it end this way?

To answer this question, let’s look at what GamerGate did right and what they did wrong.

GamerGate started a campaign with the Twitter hashtag #GamerGate.  This was a brilliant move.  It made the social media tune in and pay attention, regardless of what side they chose to take.

GamerGate somehow got Intel to pull ads from Gamasutra.  Again, brilliant.

And that’s about all they did right. What followed were death threats stemming from poor planning, poor organization, poor communication, and poor management. Here’s what they SHOULD have done.

Meet in secrecy – most of the GamerGating took place on 4Chan, a site that anyone can view, including your enemies.  This is just plain stupid.  You keep your information and plans secret and launch full force, hence the element of surprise.  Are you really gamers?  Do you know anything about tactics, strategies, etc?

SCREEN YOUR PEOPLE – anyone could use the GamerGate hashtag.  That’s a problem.  You’re gonna get some crazies riled up, and you should prepare for that with a social media agenda and moderator.

BE SMART – The blow to Gamasutra with Intel pulling its ads was phenomenal.  It got mainstream media coverage.  They had the fems by their hairy balls.  What they should have done was laid low and planned their next move…everyone should have been informed to be silent until the next strike.

Designate a face – the management of GamerGate is laughable.  Who is the leader?  No one knows.  A movement needs a face or a voice to be in control, make decisions, and talk to the media.  Not just a bunch of random Tweeps saying “this didn’t come from us.”

Plan ahead – they should have seen the fems going to the mainstream liberal media a mile away.  That’s the very first thing I would have planned for.  I would have done a pre-emptive strike by contacting conservative media, since they have a wider audience anyway.  Then, you would have had a larger voice, support, and funding.  But no, you chose to be libs yourselves…so stupid.

Get ORGANIZED – if one of your members threatens death or something similarly horrific, you immediately contact the media, denounce that person, and exile them from the group.  Otherwise, the progressives take advantage of the situation, which is something they are masterful at doing.

In summary, I’m glad that GamerGate is dead.  It was a poorly thought out movement with some minor victories against the well-established liberal propaganda machine.  It’s too late for the “Gate,” but maybe we can have a civil organization rise from the ashes and maybe follow the prescription I’ve laid out here?


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